The Fedeli Group insures a wide range of aircraft, manufacturers of aircraft parts, aircraft remanufacturers, and numerous service providers to the industry.  Our experience provides us with the background to properly identify risks and coverage needs throughout the spectrum of aviation.

Thorough Discovery is Critical

Our discovery process will help you make informed decisions as to which risks you consider negligible, calculated, and unacceptable.  The goal is to develop a risk transfer strategy that aligns most effectively with your business goals and financial resources.

Our aviation practice group will provide you with a customized needs analysis that includes:

  • A detailed analysis of your business model
  • A comprehensive review of existing insurance policies
  • Financial and statistical analysis of past claims and potential risk
  • Effectiveness of current safety program elements
  • A review of current risk management administrative processes
  • Industry benchmarking to assist in determining appropriate coverage limits

Underwriter Access

Placement with the right underwriter at the best possible terms will determine the ultimate success of a program.  We visit with underwriters on a regular basis, including Lloyds of London, in order to develop the relationships so critical to the effective placement of coverage.  As a firm we are known for our ability to build relationships.  In aviation, relationship building with underwriters is essential.

Asking the Right Questions

Insurance requirements for aircraft will vary significantly, depending on the mission.  But the need for diligence in maintaining current and precise certificates of insurance and adequate coverage remains consistent.

Our knowledge of aircraft, both fixed and rotary wing, results in the right questions being asked.  As your insurance advisor, common areas of inquiry will often include:

  • Pilot warranty needs and requirements
  • Lender’s breach of warranty requirements
  • Understanding of proper certificates and documents for different missions
  • Ancillary coverage needs – spare parts, loss of use, and non-owned aircraft
  • Approaches to aircraft repair, including issues such as diminution of value
  • Aircraft fleet and mission analysis (Part 91, Part 135, and others)

Associate Spotlight

Nick Fedeli

Vice President