Risk Management

Risk Management

claims management

Claims Management

The value of a risk management and insurance program can ultimately be measured as to how well expectations were met in the event of loss. When losses occur, proper planning and placement should result in seamless and undisputed claims payment. But even with the most well thought out programs, gray areas will emerge from time to time that require a proactive, polite, but sometimes aggressive negotiation to ensure satisfactory resolution.

loss control

Loss Control

We work with clients to ensure that proactive insurance provider loss control service offerings are in place for all lines of coverage. We’re actively involved throughout the process, facilitating engagement, participating in loss control inspections, reviewing the post-inspection reports, assisting our clients in responding to inspection report recommendations, and securing of requisite safety training and educational tools.

insurance placement

Insurance Placement

Niche areas have unique challenges in property, liability, workers’ compensation, and executive risk. Many times specialty markets are utilized. Because of our premium volume in certain niche areas we are better able to secure the necessary terms and pricing.

alternative risk

Alternative Risk Transfer

We are able to provide guidance to clients who are interested in exploring alternative risk transfer options that reflect individual risk tolerance levels.



Through our partnership with UnisonBrokers, we provide local “on the ground” expertise for foreign locations, including the placement of coverage, translation services, identification of customary practices, and assistance with country-specific regulations.

Associate Spotlight

Kelly Zebrowski

Account Executive, Property & Casualty Division